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My niece is round her friends and this girl is in The Woman In Black and she keeps sending me snapchats and it’s weird

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Did you reply to every message you got?

Not yet, 700 messages is a lot to reply to but I’ll get there eventually

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When I kiss my girlfriend goodbye and get on the train I have the sudden fear that I’m about to be stabbed by some homophobic person that might have seen…this so isn’t right :(

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Where abouts are you in uk? for the meet up thing? it sounds fun! :)

I’m not sure if it will go ahead, I need to do some planning first. But if it was to to ahead, I am from Essex so I would do the meet up in London since it’s really close to me

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I made this late last night
I’m crappy with words but clone club I love you

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I kind of want to set up some sort of clone club meet up, I at least want to try and meet a few of you that helped save me last night

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